A dependable source of hot water is more than an amenity.

These days, a running water heater is a staple of our daily lives! This means when yours goes down or starts leaking, it can put an immediate halt to your day and can negatively impact your quality of life as a whole. At Wilder Mechanical in East Lansing, MI, solving problems like these is why we got in the business. We back up our service with peerless skill, extensive training, and the best tools in the business so that we can provide swift water heater repairs that never sacrifice quality. Call us today for water heater replacement services in the East Lansing, MI area.

Should You Repair Or Replace Your Water Heater?

A well-maintained water heater will provide reliable operation for eight to twelve years. Tankless systems may last 20 years or longer. The older the system, the increasing number of problems and repairs you can expect. Thus, age is the first fact to consider when deciding whether to repair or replace a water heater. You will also want to consider your average energy bills, the cost and frequency of repairs, and the required type of repair. Before deciding to repair or replace your system, our team will give you an honest, accurate assessment based on our professional experience.

The team at Wilder Mechanical can install tankless water heaters, gas and propane water heaters, electric water heaters, and hybrid water heaters. We carefully select the water heaters we offer for their longevity, reliability, ease of maintenance, and operational efficiency. Our team will help you identify the best system for your needs and budget.